All Grades have been Submitted

I'm DONE. All scores were processed and weighted as described in the syllabus. Canvas has been showing all your scores all along so there should be no surprises. I submitted grades on Saturday, 4/29 at 2:50pm. Once they trickle through the UT system, they will be available for you to officially see them.

You can check all your official letter grades at Texas One Stop.

Thanks so much for my last semester. Hope your future endeavors are met with success! Me? I'll be playing guitar, playing tennis, playing golf, and drinking a beer at ABGB more than likely. Cheers! - Dr. McCord

Exam Prep / Learning Outcomes

"Pretty" Homework PDFs

  The pdfs become available here after the HW is published in canvas. Note that your answer choices will be in a different order due to scrambling. Other numeric randomizations may also be present - always READ your version! Each icon below has 2 versions of pdf: 1) Long Scroll version is one long-ass page which is great for tablets and electronic screens. 2) 2-column page format which is good for printing purposes. AND... a 3rd version is there as well if you click the text which will give you a responsive html version. That's 3 versions!









Here is my page on Approved TI Calculators

D&A Students: If you have registered and been approved for D&A accommodations, you need to reserve an exam time with our lower division chemistry office. All the details and the link are HERE.

Here's a link to that 2018 Daily Texan article I wrote for "Welcome to UT Week"... my working title was How Not to Be a Dumbass. They changed the title but not the content.

Lastday Playlist

By popular request - here's all the songs I zipped through on Thursday (4/20). Yeah, my last day of teaching was 4/20 - sweet. Anyway, enjoy the tunes. - Dr. McCord

CH302 · 50520 Principles of Chemistry II

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