CH302 Sum21

Course Grades have been submitted to the Registrar

You can check all your course grades at Texas One Stop.

Sorry, No Curve on the Final - Read all about it and more on my End of Course Comments page.

Thanks to ALL of you that Endured the Whole Course.
I hope you have a nice little break before fall classes begin next week. And GOOD LUCK on your next set of courses. - Dr. McCord and Jimmy too!

Exam Prep / Learning Outcomes

Homework PDFs   The pdfs become available here after the HW is published in canvas. Note that your choices will be in a different order due to scrambling. Other randomizations may also be present.









Links, Help Pages, and Whatnot...

My online chemistry book for non-science majors: ChemBook.

Detailed instructions on How to Authenticate through UT on Zoom.

Exam 4 curved 4 points - Exam 4 was curved 4 points and the new "Exam 4 - curved" is in your official grades for Exams now.

Also here is a pdf of the Exam 4 - Top of Exam INFO for you to refer to. Evidently Canvas doesn't show you this when looking back at your graded exam.

Grade Breaks have been lowered by 1 point All grade breaks were lowered by 1 point. Canvas is properly showing this change now.

InstaPoll : Now your average for InstaPoll drops your 4 lowest InstaPoll days. Plus the score is rounded to the next higher whole number. The score used is an assignment called "InstaPoll". The older one is now called "UT InstaPoll - synced"

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