CH301 F22

Wow! Grades are now IN!

With all the bitching and moaning I endured through the sememster, there were sure a LOT of A's in this class. It is obvious that a great many of you persevered, grinded it out, and were ultimately successful. GOOD for YOU!! I'm always thrilled at student success stories. I hope that no matter what grade you made, you will continue to push your own boundries and strive to be excellent. Have a great holiday break. I'll see a lot of you next semester. - Dr. McCord

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Ready for NEXT Semester?

Because you asked... Getting ready for CH302 means you should really maybe tune yourself up on these few topic: (1) stoichiometry (most important) (2)free energy and the concept of equilibrium (3) IMFs. That is really it. Atomic Theory, bonding, and structure start to take a back seat. Equilibrium is KING in CH302. We quickly start using equilibrium constants and solving equilibrium problems. General math/algebra skills are a must. That should get you started.

CH302 will cover Chapters 7-12 from the gchem site.

I know, you're dying to know...

If I'll give you a higher grade than your canvas score points to. Will I answer your super urgent email? I don't want to cover this page with text, so please read my

Statement about Assigning Grades

it's a whole page of me technically answering all your emails.

Final Exam Scores are now on Canvas

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ the average was a 77.5 which is really good ๐Ÿ˜€

Your overall grade in the course is now showing correctly (all drops are in place, etc) in Canvas as well.

Exam Prep / Learning Outcomes

"Pretty" Homework PDFs















Here is a link to Dr. McCord's VSEPR Video on YouTube

Metric Prefixes!!!

There were hundreds of students from spring 2022 semester who didn't know their metric prefixes and their first exam scores were highly affected in a negative way. Sad. You must know these. You must memorize them and be able to use them anytime. Know them now and forever! These are not just something you go look up as needed. These are used all the time in the sciences and must be a part of your internal "tool kit". I'm so about this that I have them right here on our own website. Click for the commonly used Metric Prefixes.

Here is my page on Approved TI Calculators

D&A Students: If you have registered and been approved for D&A accommodations, you need to reserve an exam time with our lower division chemistry office. All the details and the link are HERE.

Friday, 9/02, Lecture Correction: Many tried to clue me in (chat window) on the fact that 0.8 + 0.3 is equal to 1.1 and not 0.11.... Doh! You'll notice my numbers of the mole fraction were still correct which is because I calculated 8/11 and 3/11. None-the-less, I DID correct the 0.11 to 1.1 in my notes.

The limiting reactant problem I worked in zoom class on Friday, 8/26: Limiting Problem. It was a bit clunky, but I did fix everything in the class notes.

Here is Friday's (8/26) McClicker Question. After this was "over" I completely reworded the problem as though it were a test question, and then fully worked it out. Here is the nice looking solution fully worked out

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