Dr. McCord
MWF 11-12 noon
    in WEL 5.239

Judy Choe biancajudychoe@mail.utexas.edu
MW 11-1 PM
cubicles WEL 1.300 hallway

Ben Fauber
Tu 10-11AM and 2-3PM
WEL 1.300 hall

Weekly Reviews
Judy: Mon 4-5 PM
            in WEL 2.224
Brian: Mon/Wed 6-7 PM
            in WEL 2.308
Exam 1 Wed, 2/8
Exam 2 Wed, 3/8
Exam 3 Wed, 4/12
Exam 4 Wed, 5/3
Final Fri, 5/12 9-12 noon
in WEL 2.224 and 2.246

The Course is OVER
Grades have been submitted

Login to UTDirect to find your grade in the course.

Please click on the GRADING link above to see all curves and grade breaks. Remember, you must equal or clear the grade breaks that are given (88, 78, 68, 58).

For those who did manage to pass and are moving on to Organic, I bid you good luck. You will find Organic to be much different than CH302. More memorization and more reaction mechanisms await you in organic chemistry.

For those of you who did not get a C or better for this course. I'm sorry things didn't work out in your favor. If you take the course again, know going in that it will require more of your time and effort in order to get that passing grade.

To ALL my students, Have a GREAT summer!

- Dr. McCord