Dr. McCord
MWF 10-11 am
    in WEL 5.239

Judy Choe biancajudychoe@mail.utexas.edu
MW 1-2 PM
cubicles WEL 1.300 hallway

Mazen Hariri
? - ? PM WEL 1.300 hall
? - ? PM KIN
? - ? WEL 1.300 hall

Exam 1 Wed, 2/8
Exam 2 Wed, 3/8
Exam 3 Wed, 4/12
Exam 4 Wed, 5/3
Final Sat, 5/13


All of our assignments will be generated and graded via the UT Homework Service. The service is a web-based system that allows students to submit homework via the web. I will use the same service to create your exams and final. ALL your grades will be managed by this service. You can always login and check on your grade (score) status. The system will NOT tell you letter grades - only I do that at the end of the semester. So before you can do anything in this class you must sign up for the homework service. You WILL get an F in the course if you do not register for the homework service.

How to SIGN-UP (register) for this class (#)

The process incredibly EASY. All you need to get registered for the service is 3 things.
  1. Your UTEID and password. This is how you will "get in" to register in the first place. Without a valid UTEID and password you will NOT be able to register.
  2. The class id or unique number which is .
  3. Finally, you must know your NAME and how to enter it. Enter your last name, then use a comma, then your first name.
    PLEASE put your name as it will appear on the official UT roster that I get.

That's it! Your ready to sign up

Now click on the Homework Service link in the upper menu. Once you are past the UTEID login, pick the option to "Register as a student".

After you get yourself registered and logged in, you will download a "homework.pdf" file from which you can print and work out your homework. All answers to the homework are to be submitted over the web to the same site that you got the homework at. Student Instructions are given at the site. Please be sure and READ this instruction page, it has LOTS of information about how your homeworks are graded and much more. Remember that the homework deadlines are posted with the homework assignments. You cannot submit any more answers after a deadline passes.

Get Acrobat Reader You WILL need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or another 3rd party viewer) in order to view and print your homeworks. Most UT Computer Labs already have this application or plug-in. If you need it for your own personal computer, you can find it from the link given here. 7.0 is the current version.