You are now DONE! - Hurray!

All grades have been calculated, analyzed, and submitted to the registrar. Now you just need to wait for your grade to post for you to see via the registrar (UTDirect).

So there is nothing more for you to do in this class. Congratulations on finishing CH301.

All other announcements about this class will show up here. There are no more office hours.

If you want to look at your final exam and go over what you missed, you will need to plan on coming by sometime at the very start of next semester.

Thinking about NEXT Semester ? CH302 ?

If you are taking me for CH302, then go ahead and set your bookmarks for the Spring. The course website will be and you can follow me on twitter @mccord302. The site is already in place - although, there is really no content other than when the exams are and the final which is something you should immediately get onto your calendar.

Final Exam Scores are on Quest

Quest has finished grading the final exam for all students - both 12pm and 1pm classes. The average for all the students that took the exam was a 73. There will be no curve on the final exam for any class. All students can now finish the spreadsheet for calculating your grade. There is nothing more to do other than wait for your official grade from the registrar.

How to Calculate your Overall Grade

Of course you can use your calculator and just manually grind out the grade. Or... you could use the handy dandy

Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate Your Overall Grade

Just open it up and replace the input numbers (the ones in the green table on the left). The 3 methods are each shown and the maximum score is then shown with a letter grade that matches. Play around with the exam4 and final exam values to see how to get the grade you want.

Reminder: Your score is calculated to the nearest 1/100th of a point. We do NOT round to the nearest integer. This is clearly stated in the syllabus.

NOTE: Your REEF Average and Quiz Average are available on Canvas. All four exam scores are on Quest (and ultimately your final exam score).

Averages on Canvas

NOTICE: There are only 3 scores on Canvas that I will now use to calculate your overall grade in the course. Those 3 "assignments" are:

  1. REEF Average
  2. Quiz Average
  3. Extra Credit

The only other thing you will need next week will be the Final Exam Version number - which is not there yet.

Fall 2015
Exam Schedule

From 7-9pm on the WEDNESDAYs listed

Exam 1 Wed 9/16   prep

Exam 2 Wed 10/7   prep

Exam 3 Wed 10/28   prep

Exam 4 Wed 12/2   prep

Final Exams prep
(YOUR Schedule )

12pm Class: Wed, 12/9 9am-12n
  ROOMS: BEL 328 and ART 1.102

1pm Class: Sat, 12/12, 2-5pm