Tue 3/21

Exam 2 Follow Up Quiz is available on Canvas starting at 2pm today. All students will get +5 points added to their Exam 2 scores no matter what. Taking this follow up quiz and making a perfect score will earn you +6 more points. That is a total of +11 points possible. Quiz is 6 questions, timed at 45 minutes, one attempt, no feedback, everything shuts down at 11:59pm tonight.

Sun 3/12

Remember to check your score for exam 2 on Quest. Also check the solutions. On Tuesday (3/21) I will publish a Quiz on Canvas that will be the effective curve for exam 2. The quiz will be timed, only allow one attempt, and will have questions that are very similar to the questions on exam 2. - Dr. McCord

Wed 2/15

Reef News: Some students on Tuesday (2/14) experienced "Network Error" while trying to access/use Reef on the Safari browser. The current "fix" while the programmers work on the problem is to either use the Reef.app on your phone, or use Chrome or Firefox as your browswer.

Tue 2/14

Happy Valentines Day!

Here's my Chemistry Valentines Video that I showed in class today.

Mon 1/31

Yes, there IS a new homework (HW01b)

HW01b is good practice for converting concentration terms due Friday, 2/3.

We use many concentration types: percent, mole fraction, molality, molarity, ppm, ppb. You need to know how to calculate and use each of them. 10 problems to get you going on this.

Mon 1/16

You should have REEF ready to go on DAY 1

How do you get ready for the first day of class?

Sign up for Reef if you didn't last semester. Then ADD my class to your courses listing in Reef. Directions for this are in the Reef section on the main page of this website.

Mon 1/16

Welcome to Dr. McCord's Spring 2017 Website

I am teaching two sections of CH302, unique 50370 which meets TTH 9:30-11am and unique 50380 which meets 11am-12:30pm. Both classes are in WEL 2.224.
- Dr. McCord

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