mccord ch302 spring 2017

Farewell and Happy Summertime!

Dear Class,

Thanks for making the 2016/2017 school year enjoyable to teach. Overall, our big set of CH301/CH302 students have done well and are now prepared to move on to bigger (better?) things like organic chemistry or maybe no chemistry at all (you engineers). Hopefully, you've learned not only a bit of chemistry, but also some serious educational skills that will help you in all your future classes.

Some of you have said that you are recommending me as a teacher to other students - I'm flattered/honored to gain your endorsement. FYI... there are no names attached to our courses in the course schedule right now. However, I will be teaching the same exact time slots as last year for CH301 which are the TTH courses of CH301 at 9:30am (unique 50070) and at 11:00am (unique 50085) all over in Burdine due to the Welch renovation. Oh, and for those that want to warn others to not take me - well this works for you as well. Now you know.

I just received my eCIS results and I'm reading through the comments now. Many of you took the time to include some helpful criticism and suggested ways to improve. Others pointed out what they really liked about the course. Do know that I read all the comments and try to adapt/implement where I can. I know I'm not perfect and have plenty of room to improve (don't we all?).

Have a great summer and I hope to maybe see you around campus in the fall.

Hook 'em,

- Dr. McCord

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