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Conflicts with EXAM Schedule

How to PROPERLY Send an Email to your College Professor

Student's Guide to Quest

Textbook Choices for CH301 and CH302

Answers to Selected Exercises - this section is missing from the Zumdahl eBook

CNS Recording of Class Lectures

Conversion Factors

what's ppm?

Put it in SCI MODE!

Composition Stoichiometry

Reaction Stoichiometry

Concentration Calculations

Balancing Redox Reactions

Periodic Table and Nomenclature

Periodic Table - a large full page table with current values

Periodic Table on Bubblesheets - (shown with other data and constants)

Polyatomic Ions (nomenclature)

Structure and Bonding

Covalent Bond Radii - A Table of covalent bond radii based on atom type and bond type

Hydrates of Salts - an except from Atkins/Jones on hydrate salts

Dot Structures and Formal Charge - some simple tips on writing the BEST electron dot structures and calculating formal charge

Electronic and Molecular Geometries - a diagram with all the geometries and hybridizations shown

VSEPR and VB Theory Help Sheet

Gases, Solids, and Liquids

A Gas Law Simulator - Play around with virtual gases and demonstrate Boyle's, Charles', and Avogadro's Laws. It's rescalable to whatever size you want. You must have Flash Player Plugin installed.

Intermolecular and Intramolecular Forces - A diagram showing the relative strengths of the various forces between and within molecules, and ionic compounds.



Formation Reactions

Bond Energies - a little covalent bond energy table like what would be included on an exam from Quest

Thermodynamic Formulas and Concepts - Doodled - try doodling your own!

Heating Curves

Heating Curve for Water

Solving Heating problems

The Ice Tea Problem

Colligative Properties

Stated and Effective Molalities

Acid/Base Help Sheets

Acid/Base Help Sheets

Electrochemistry and Kinetics

A Formula Sheet for Kinetics (corrected on 5/1/12)

Some Formulas for E-Chem and Kinetics

Standard Reduction Table use this table for homework problems that DON'T have the values given in the problem

Electrochemistry Help Sheet This is a completely hand-drawn help sheet and is 1.8 Meg in size. Check it for mistakes.