The Course is now OVER (yea!)

I hope that each of you did in fact learn a great deal of chemistry this semester. Many of you will go on and take organic chemistry next Fall and Spring. Organic WILL be much different than General Chemistry, however, MANY of the broad concepts we covered will be there also. Hopefully you will be more than adequately prepared for it. Have a nice Summer break.
- Dr. McCord

Final Letter Grades have been Turned into the Registrar

All letter grades are now in. Check via UTDirect to find out your letter grade in the course.

All students were treated fairly and awarded the highest grade that the 3 methods given in the syllabus allowed.

As stated in the syllabus, your overall score was calculated to the nearest 1/100th - that's 2 places PAST the decimal.

ALL Final Exam Scores are on Quest now

Grading has completed for both classes. The curve is given below. The answers/explanations are now available on Quest.

If you want your final exam copy then go to WEL 2.212 and present a student ID. They will give you your exam copy.

Final Exam curve is +3

Quest now has the curve factored into your final exam score (don't add it in again). So ALL scores are now correct on Quest.

All Office Hours have ended

You can still reach me (or the TAs) via email. I am not available this week to sit and talk with you about your grade in the course. As stated on the very first day of class, your grade in the course (90% of it) is based on your scores on exams. That will not change.

Homework Average on Quest is now CORRECT

Your homework average for the course is now shown correctly on Quest. For some reason, Quest is not showing WHICH 3 were dropped though. Quest IS dropping the lowest 3 but is not showing you that. I have asked the programmers to look into this.

Anyway, your average shown in Quest IS correct. Test it out for your self.


Your final iClicker scores are on Quest

The scores on Quest are finalized - no more changes - you've had ALL semester to correct your registration issues. The scores were calculated by dropping your 7 lowest scores and then capping the total at 10 points less than the max possible. Over 1/3 of the class has 100 for their iclicker scores.