Dr. McCord
MWF 10-11 AM
    in WEL 5.239

Aiko Umeda aiko.umeda@mail.utexas.edu
Mon 8-9 PM
TTh 1-2 PM
   WEL 1.300 cubicles

Weekly Reviews
   Tuesdays 5-6 PM
   WEL 1.316
Exam 1 9/21
Exam 2 10/12
Exam 3 11/9
Exam 4 11/30
Final Thursday, 12/14 2-5 PM
A-M in WEL 2.224
N-Z in HMA

The COURSE is OVER! Yea!

Yes, letter grades HAVE been turned in

You can check your letter grade online through UT Direct. The final exam average was a 74 and was curves by 2 points to a 76. All grades were looked at and calculated according to the method outlined in the "GRADING" link in the menu above. Once again, your SCORES are what determined your grade in the course. Hopefully you got the grade you were hoping for and if not, sorry but that's the way it goes.

I now will bid you adieu and wish you a happy holiday break. For those of you taking CH305 in the Spring, you WILL use the same book. Hopefully you have learned some interesting new chemistry knowledge that you will be able to apply to issues outside of class.


- Dr. McCord