Final Exam Scores are on Quest now

Quest is now showing the class average which is an 88.18. High score was a 100 (one of these), and the class median was a 90. Overall a very good showing.

You will NOT get your Exam Copies Back

I am sorry to say that you will not get your exams back, nor will you ever be able to see the solutions on Quest. The department has decided to keep them secure and they will help provide data for our course transformation project. At some point if you are really interested, there will be an opportunity for you to see what you missed - but under the supervision of either myself or a teaching assistant.

(posted 9:48pm Fri 5/10)

Your LETTER Grade in the Course

You are certainly as capable as I am in calculating your overall score in the course. If you are above a stated grade break then you will receive that grade - rather simple. Borderline cases will be considered and decisions will be made. ALL grades in this course are due to the registrar by 10am on Wednesday, 5/15. I really need no assistance from you on figuring your letter grade. I ALWAYS work under the assumption that you want the highest possible letter grade and I will consider all possible points of leniency.

(posted 9:53pm Fri 5/10)

Exam Schedule

All regular Exams are on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM in WEL 1.316. There will be assigned seating. Please follow the exam "protocol" that we announce the week prior to the exam.

Make SURE you have these on your calendar - there are NO MAKE-UP exams ever.

  • Exam 1 Tue 2/5
  • Exam 2 Tue 3/5
  • Exam 3 Tue 4/9
  • Exam 4 Tue 4/30

Final Exam • Fri 5/10 9-12n

NOTE: ALL students must take final exam at the University sanctioned time given below:

  • #51580
  • when? Fri 5/10 9-12n
  • where? CLA 0.130

Check out your final exam schedule HERE.

Alternate Exam Times

There are a few of you with exam conflicts. See the syllabus for reasons you might be allowed to take the exams at an alternative (earlier) time. If this applies to you, then print and fill out this alternate exam petition form and bring it to to WEL 2.212. If you are not a SSD student and you cannot take the exam at the 4-6pm time slot, this form will require approval and a signature from Dr. McCord.

(posted 7:35am on Wed 1/16)