Quest is Done. Scores are UP!

Your Final Exam has now been graded by Quest. You'll find your score on Quest. The class average was a 76.44 (which is actually a good average for a CH302 final exam) which means that there will not be any add-on points or a curve. You can now calculate your overall score in the class and know what letter grade you will get. There should be no surprises on this. The cut-offs are in the syllabus and will stand firmly where they have always been.

4 students did NOT take the final exam and they received zeros. The warning was given and there are no make ups. Anyway, you should all check your scores and see that Quest did in fact grade your exam for a non-zero score. Let us know if there is an obvious problem. Otherwise, study and take your other final exams and then enjoy the start to your summer.

Letter grades...

Letter grades for this course are due to the registrar no later than 10am on Tuesday. Most of the work will be done on this over the weekend.

Evidently my happy stickman evolved into some sort of creepy alien celebrating his A. Maybe a better picture tomorrow. (posted 4:30pm Thu 5/9)

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Exam Schedule

All regular Exams are on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM

Make SURE you have these on your calendar - there are NO MAKE-UP exams ever.

  • Exam 1 Tue 2/5
  • Exam 2 Tue 3/5
  • Exam 3 Tue 4/9
  • Exam 4 Tue 4/30

Final Exam • Thu 5/9 2-5pm

NOTE: You can only go to the Final Exam for the section that you are registered in.

  • #51520
  • when? Thu 5/9 2-5pm
  • where? WEL 2.224 and WEL 2.246

Check out your final exam schedule HERE.

Alternate Exam Times

See the syllabus for reasons you might be allowed to take the exams at an alternative time. If this applies to you, then print and fill out this alternate exam petition form and bring it to to WEL 2.212. If you are not a SSD student and you cannot take the exam at the 4-6pm time slot, this form will require approval and a signature from Dr. McCord.