dr mccord - ch301

All Done!

The final is graded and the scores are in the spreadsheet - letter grades are ready to turn in. Overall a very nice job for this fast and furious summer semester course. I hope you got the grade you were aiming for. FYI - For those that stuck out the whole semester, 25% of you made A's. That is really good.

Hey, if you need to (or want to) take CH302 but want to wait... I'll be teaching two sections in the Spring of 2017. Good luck in your future classes. - Dr. McCord

Final Exam Scores on Quest

Login to Quest to see your Final Exam score. You will not be able to see your solutions and tally. If you feel compelled to see such a thing, you will have to make an appointment with me later in the Summer or Fall.

Below is the histogram for the exam. Class average is 80 which is very high for a final exam. Congratulations.

office hours / email

Dr. McCord   10:30am - 11:30am   MTWTF in WEL 5.239

Matthew   2pm - 3pm   MTWF in WEL 2.306 A

Exam Schedule

Exam 1 Thu 6/9

Exam 2 Fri 6/17

Exam 3 Mon 6/27

Exam 4 Wed 7/6

Final Sat 7/9
(9am-12pm in WEL 2.246)

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