All Letter Grades have been Submitted

The calculations were made and considerations were made for "a little help" making the cut-offs. In general, I went about 1.5 points down for the grades and many students benefitted from this getting that next higher grade. Other students were simply too far away from the break for the bump to matter. No student should be surprised by the grade they get - although maybe a few of you will be pleasantly surprised to have made that little jump. I will say it again, your grade in this course is really about how you performed on the exams. That will continue to be the way it works here at the University in science related courses. You should be able to find your grades through UTDirect as soon as the registrars office validates and releases them.

Final Message and Sign Off for Dr. McCord

First, let me thank you for persevering and getting through the whole course. Summer CH302 is fast and furious and many of you found that out. At the same time though, most of you did push through and met the challenge.

For all of you that did manage to get over the bar of C- or better, you are now cleared for more science courses where CH301 and CH302 are prerequisites. Many of you will now enter organic chemistry in the Fall. Do know that organic is a totally different experience than CH301/CH302. Some of you will dig it while others will find it absolutely intolerable. My suggestion for making it through successfully? Adjust that attitude for a few months and convince yourself that this stuff is truly the most interesting stuff on the planet. Dive in and remember that you are learning at a deeper level than you really ever did in high school. The payoff will be higher scores, better grades, and all that leads to a better college experience.

No matter what you are doing in the future, I bid each of you the best in success. And no matter where your journeys take you, please remember that chemistry is all around you - maybe take notice on occasion and know that you have some unique insight. Good luck and have a great summer!


Dr. McCord

Final Exam Information

Final Exam Grading

Scores now on Canvas

The final exam has been graded and the immediate results are up on Canvas. Do realize that the final exam score used in calculating your overall grade is actually the Final exam score you find PLUS the score you find for the assignment "eCIS completion" - so for most of you, your final exam adjusted score has 2 more points on it.

I'll say it again... the final exam score shown on Canvas does NOT have the +2 points added to it. You'll need to do that on your own, just like I will when I calculate your over grade.

Canvas does NOT calculate your grade in the course! Only get scores off of Canvas and not your overall score for the course. We have many scenarios for various percentages depending on your scores in different categories. Please just use the Excel spreadsheet available below and enter your main scores into it. It will tell you your overall score in the course. Having said that, the Canvas overall score will be really close to your real score for those following the "typical" percentages.

Here is the Excel Spreadsheet
to Calculate your Grade in the course

Sorry for the delay. Enter your scores that you find on Canvas into this spreadsheet, play around with your final exam score and figure out what you need to make on the final to reach the overall score you want. Thanks to student Tony Zhang for providing the spreadsheet! - dr mccord

FYI: Top Hat Scores are now CORRECT on Canvas

"TopHat-sync" is the score directly from TopHat and should match fairly well with your phone app gradebook. The assignment named "TopHat (adjust)" is the adjusted new score by redistributing points (changed to 7 points for answering and 3 more if correct) and then capping at 375 points. You'll notice that the adjust score is between 10 and 15 points higher than the sync score. The adjusted score is what will count as the 5% TopHat grade.

LM Average on Canvas

Overall ADJUSTED LM average is on Canvas

Look for the assignment named "LM avg". It is the correct assignment showing your adjusted LM avg for the semester. As I stated in class, the total points available (199) was capped at 180 points and then converted to a percentage rounded UP to the next whole integer.

Final Homework Average

Homework Average Your average for homework is showing correctly on Sapling and has copied over to Canvas now accurate to 4 sig figs (nearest 1/10th). Your score is the average of the best 10 out of 12 homeworks as percentages.

Notice something missing here?

It was here at one time but now it's gone. Is it gone forever? No, it is not unless it was just an announcement about homework being due. Any HELPFUL information about chemistry or the class gets moved from this opening announcements page to the More stuff... page. Notice that "More Stuff..." is in the pulldown menu under "Class" in our navigation bar at the top of the page.

Exam Schedule

  • Exam 1 Mon 6/16
  • Exam 2 Mon 6/23
  • Exam 3 Tue 7/1
  • Exam 4 Wed 7/9
  • Final Fri 7/11 7-10pm WEL 2.122

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