Grading is Now COMPLETE
Letter Grades have been Submitted to Registrar

Your final letter grade in the course has been calculated and submitted to the registrar. I do not tell students their letter grades via email - please wait and check via UTDirect.

Quest is now all up to date

All grading is now complete. Quest has your scores. Curves are NOT shown on Quest. See this site's grading page to see how to calculate your overall score.

Course is OVER

I wish you all the best in your future studies.

Over and out...

Dr. McCord

Exam Dates
all are 8:30-9:45 AM
in WEL 2.224

Exam 1 Mon, 7/20
Exam 2 Tue, 7/28
Exam 3 Wed, 8/5
Exam 4 Thu, 8/13

Final Exam
Mon, 8/17 2-5 PM in WEL 1.308


Dr. McCord's Office Hours

  • M-F from 10-11 AM in WEL 5.239

Cynthia's Offfice Hours

  • Mon 4-5 PM in cubicle A
  • Tue,Thu 4-5 PM in cubicle A
  • Wed 3-4 PM in cubicle A
  • Fri 2-3 PM in cubicle B
  • (cubicles are in WEL 1.300 hallway)

-19871 Days till EXAM 4
Exam will cover Chapters 11 and 15
Exam Reviews are on the previous day from 4-5 PM in WEL 2.246
    -19871 days till first day of class for Fall 2009 Semester