CH304K S2021

Exam 3

Thursday 4/08

ChemBook Chapter:
Chapter4: Bonding and Energy Transfer

Learning Outcomes

Students will know...

  1. how to draw and interpret electron line/dot structures
  2. how to tell the difference in non-polar and polar bonds
  3. how to determine whether a molecule is polar or not
  4. how to assign formal charge to all atoms in a molecule or ion
  5. how to assess whether a structure will exhibit resonance
  6. how to depict resonance with multiple structures and what it means
  7. what electron delocalization means
  8. how to assess structures and determine the electronic geometry surrounding an atom in the structure
  9. how to determine the molecular geometry surrounding an atom in a structure
  10. the relative strengths and lengths of molecular bonds
  11. how to assess the bond order of a bond for both regular structures and resonance structures
  12. what the criteria are for a greenhouse gas
  13. the major greenhouse gases affecting our climate
  14. what and where the ozone layer is
  15. the role the ozone layer plays in our over all global climate
  16. how CFCs are detrimental to the ozone layer and the mechanism by which they operate

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