CH304K S2021

Exam 2

Tuesday 3/11

ChemBook Chapter:
Chapter 3: Radiation & Atomic Theory+

Learning Outcomes

Students will know...

  1. what electromagnetic radiation is and how we chunk it up into seven regions
  2. the order of the regions of EM radiation from highest to lowest
  3. the order of the colors of the visible spectrum and the two wavelengths we use to define it
  4. how matter interacts with each region of the EM spectrum
  5. the names and rules for the four quantum numbers that describe electrons within atoms
  6. how to write the electron configuration for any element on the periodic table
  7. how to write the electron configuration for any monatomic ion
  8. how to correctly name, and write the full formula for polyatomic ions ("shortlist" in section 3.08)
  9. how to name cations and anions (including polyatomic ions) and ionic compounds (salts)
  10. the general trends we covered on the periodic table: atomic radii, monatomic ion radii, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity
  11. how to identify and name simple covalent compounds
  12. how to distinguish between ionic bonds, perfectly covalent bonds, and polar covalent bonds
  13. what the determining factor is to have a polar molecule
  14. anything I covered, talked about in class, that I forgot to list here

Formulas YOU should know

wavelength and frequency

   \(c = \lambda \cdot \nu \)

Planck's Equation / Photon energy

   \(E = h\nu \)

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