CH304K S2021


Question: Where do all the old announcements and links go after they disappear from the front page? Here in the archive - in reverse chronological order. Only archive-worthy announcements will be here.


New Name and Number for my two courses

It's already preregistration time for the fall 2021 semester. This course has finally reached its first semester with its new name and course number. Drum roll.... the new name of this course is...

Chemistry in Our World I

The new course number is CH301N. The old name and number have been retired starting in the fall. And if you want to take the 2nd half of this course the name is Chemistry in Our World II. Duh. Here is what the two courses look like in the course schedule.

Spread the word. Tell friends. Note how we will be back to face-to-face teaching. We'll be downstairs in Welch in a classroom (WEL 1.308) that can hold 329 students. Jimmy will be back on board and we will do our best to keep the course like its been but make it better thanks to being in-person and not in a freakin' zoom meeting. I'll make sure that we have demonstrations again. Hopefully, the courses will be more engaging and will actually feel like a real college-level course.


Please READ about HW03

It seems that canvas auto-submitted HW03 at 12:10am 2/26 for any student that had opened it and hadn't submitted. This lead to lots of zeros. So we have added another attempt (3 total now) to HW03 to cover that canvas glitch. It is still due on Thursday, 3/4... but you should really finish it and move on to HW04 before then. Yes, HW04 has been published and is available in canvas now. It is due on Tuesday (3/9).


Planning for our Class This Week (Thur, 2/25)

No class on Tuesday, 2/23! No office hours either. Therefore, our first official class after the TX Freeze is Thursday. Do plan on reading the first 4 sections of Chapter 3 in chembook (Radiation and Atomic Theory+) when you can. They are short and should only take 10-20 minutes*. Those 4 sections will correspond to the first 15 questions on HW03 which has a total of 28 questions. The new adjusted due date for HW03 is Tuesday the 2nd. HW04 will be available before then and is due on Tuesday 3/9. Of course the more you can read and take in the better. Do what you can, but we WILL have an exam still on 3/11 over chapter 3.

* Reading and Understanding are two very different things. You might have to READ over and over before you understand what is going on. I WILL explain as best I can in class on Thursday.

FYI - I built into the syllabus extra days of coverage for every unit. So truth be told, we still have plenty of time to cover all of chapter 3 (barring yet more state-wide catastrophes).


Thursday's Class is Cancelled

- - no office hours this week - -

The UNIVERSITY is officially CLOSED until Friday morning.

ALL classes are cancelled for through Thursday. This includes both on-campus and off-campus (aka: online) courses. So no class for us this week. I know you'll be missing your weekly dose of me and Jimmy so sorry about that. You can always start reading Chapter 3 in chembook though.

stay safe!


and so is EXAM 1 - be ready


obligatory first archived item / will it be the last as well?

I'm just stashing this here... it's like an easter egg and you found it. It is Merlyn frolicing in the snow this February. And if anyone asks you "what is happiness?" well, Merlyn in the snow is. Enjoy. - Dr. McCord