Your GRADE has been Submitted to the Registrar

You will find your grade in the usual places (registrar's site, utdirect) once they trickle through the UT database and acceptance process.

Here are some things to keep in mind and just know about those grades

  • ALL students had their overall score looked at and analyzed.
  • Emailing me had absolutely no bearing on your final grade (as it should be).
  • I am not available to "talk" about your grade.
  • Seeing your final exam will have to wait till next semester.
  • I will not even be on campus anymore this semester.
  • Your grades have been submitted as of 5pm 5/16/2015.

There should really be no surprises on the grades - you got what your score pointed to. Any bump ups were no more than 3/10ths to 4/10ths of a point.

Calculate your GRADE in the course before I do...

Here is the Excel Spreadsheet for Calculating Your Overall Grade. Most UT students have Microsoft Excel. If you don't, then go to Sheets in and open it in there. Google docs will read Excel files just fine. Of course you need a google account and doing it in Chrome helps as well (I couldn't get Safari to allow the upload). - Dr. McCord

You'll need to enter 8 total scores into the spreadsheet:
Five from Quest: Exams 1-4 and Final*
Three from Canvas: HW Avg, TopHat Avg, and Quiz Avg
* remember to add 2 more points to your Final if your eCIS Completion score on Canvas is 2

All non-exam Scores on Canvas Now

Thank you to the +90 students who put their UTEID on Sapling and Canvas. All scores have now been updated on Canvas and are FINAL. Students who did not do this got zeros.

There are FOUR important scores to get off of Canvas. They are: TopHat Avg, Quiz Avg, HW Avg, and eCIS Completion. Use those in the grade spreadsheet along with your exam scores from Quest to enter into the Calculate your Grade spreadsheet given just below this announcement. You will just ADD the eCIS completion points to your final exam score from Quest. Those points will NOT show in Quest.

\[\Delta H^\circ = \Delta G^\circ_r = 456 = {\rm CO_3^{2-}} \circ \circ S^\circ \]