Letter Grades have been Submitted for BOTH Classes - all done.

As I stated fromt the start, the grade breaks were not moved. Your overall scores are on Quest and they should certainly match the letter grades you get from the registrar. Notify me if there is a gross error in your overall calculation. Begging for a push up in your grade will not help.

For those of you that took the final exam and your grade dropped, that is unfortunate. There are no "do overs" or even "let's pretend I didn't take the final". You will have to learn to live with your own decisions. Good luck in your future courses.

Curve for the Final is +2 (both classes)

The average was actually about where it needed to be. Technically, there should be no curve - but I'm granting a 2 point curve on the final. This curve is for both the 1 pm class and the 10 am class.

Overall Scores have been UPDATED for BOTH Classes

The Overall score on Quest now shows everyones overall scores using which ever method (1,2, or 3) is relevant. Check the methods via the syllabus or the grading links in the menu.

iClicker Scores have been Finalized and Uploaded to Quest

Your score on Quest is shown as a percentage based on dropping your 7 lowest daily scores and then capping the rest. FYI... 35% of the class has 100's on iclicker scores.

Exam Dates
all are 7-9 PM - yes

Exam 1 Thu, 2/11
Exam 2 Thu, 3/11
Exam 3 Thu, 4/15
Exam 4 Thu, 5/6

Final 52445 (10am)
Mon, 5/17 9-12n
   A-Z in UTC 2.102A

Final 52450 (1 pm)
Thu, 5/13 2-5pm
   A-Z in WEL 1.308

If you have a conflict with the above exam dates/times then please read my help page on Exam Conflicts.

Weekly Reviews

Rachel:   Wed 5:30-6:30 PM
        in WEL 1.316

Clint:   Tue 5-6 PM
        in WEL 1.308

Final Exam

Final Exam is Comprehensive.