Overall COURSE Letter Grades are DONE

All scores are in. Grade breaks were moved. Curves were calculated. All the information necessary for your letter grade is in the gradebook and your letter grade has been determined. I will remind you once again - only your scores on assignments determine your letter grade, NOT your personal trials and tribulations. I also do not make special trips to school so that we can "talk" about your grade - your scores on assignments did the talking.

If there is a blatant mistake in calculating your grade then you do need to let me know what it is. I do read the emails I get. Unfortunately I do not respond to every email I get. Please check your letter grade online when they become available. Hopefully many of you will be pleasantly surprised. For those that aren't, I'm sorry and hope that you can do better next time if there is a next time.

Do know that ALL students were treated fairly and equally. The cut-offs for grades were for all students in BOTH my 10am class and in the 1 pm class. I hope that you feel you now have a bit more chemical knowledge that will help you in your other courses.

- Dr. McCord

FINAL Exam Information - Grade Breaks (cut-offs)

One question (a Ksp problem) was thrown out on the Final Exam (credited) due to the fact that the correct answer was listed twice as a choice. Averages are now at 74.1 (10am class) and 75.7 (1pm class). And out of the kindness of my heart I'm allowing a 1.5 point curve on the final exam. I have also now lowered the grade breaks by 2 full points from the original cut-offs. Now at 87.5, 77.5, 67.5, and 57.5.

iClicker scores are now on Quest

They ARE in Quest in an assignment called "iclicker". The scores are no different than the ones on BlackBoard. It's a bit more convenient to see all your scores in one place though. Details mentioned below are still relevant.

Your iclicker (quiz) scores are on BlackBoard

All the clicker scores have been tallied. Totals days with clickers was 37 which means there were 370 points available. I capped the total at 300 points and posted the results on BlackBoard. You can see your overall point total and your percentage on BlackBoard. Remember, the percentage goes into the gradebook and it counts 5% toward your overall letter grade in the course.

Exam Dates

Exam 1 Thu, 2/7
Exam 2 Thu, 3/6
Exam 3 Thu, 4/10
Exam 4 Thu, 5/1

Sat, 5/10 7-10 PM
A-K in WEL 1.316
L-Z in WEL 1.308

Thu, 5/8 9-12N
A-M in WEL 2.224
N-Z in WEL 1.308

Weekly Reviews

have now ended

Judy:   Tue 4-5pm - WEL 2.224
Travis:   Wed 6-7pm - WEL 1.316