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Weekly Reviews
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Exam 1 Wed, 2/7
Exam 2 Wed, 3/7
Exam 3 Wed, 4/11
Exam 4 Wed, 5/2
Final Thur, 5/10 9-12N TBA

Letter Grades have been Submitted

Your letter grades in the course have been submitted to the registrar. Please check them via UTDirect. Once again, your scores on exams and in the course are what determined your grade - not your personal situations. Please keep this in mind before you email me about your grade.

Have a GREAT summer break and Good Luck in your further studies
- Dr. McCord

The "NEW HWS" link no longer works!

The link at the top of this page (and others) for "NEW HWS" no long works. The test HWS that we used was a success and now the whole homework service is on the new server. However, the old name is now the only name. So if you want to see you scores, you need to go to:


You should see our class there and any others you were in on the old system.

What about FALL 2007? Textbook? Clicker?

If you are planning on taking CH302 this summer or in the fall (2007!), you will still be using the same textbook that we used this semester. You will also use the same book if you are retaking CH301 this summer.

However, if you are RETAKING CH301 in the FALL of 2007, there WILL be a new textbook. The new textbook is a different book, not just a new edition of our current book. The subject matter taught will be the same though. I personally think that the new book will be easier to read and understand than our current book. However, you can most likely still use the same book if you want to. Although this is really left up to the professor that teaches CH301.

CLICKERS: The CPS clicker may or may not be used in the Fall. Each professor/lecturer makes their own decision as to whether or not to use clickers. Do know that there is a possibility that the clicker might be different. It could be the iClicker or the CPS clicker (the one we used). Best thing to do is check the chemistry course web pages near the beginning of the semester and you'll find out.