CH302N F21

Our daily schedule if things go according to plan. There might be slight adjustments but the ordering of material (reading) is set. We go through each chapter in the order shown on the gchem website.

The reading assignment for each day is shown in orange and is the section or sections in the gchem eBook.

8/24 no class

Thu 8/26 course introduction, canvas, course website, grading, being prepared, InstaPolls, some properties of water, solvation, hydration

chembook 6.1

Tue 8/31 acid / base theory, the 3 definitions, acid/base conjugate pairs, carboxylic acids (weak acids), amines (weak bases)

chembook 6.1-6.2, 6.6, 6.10

Thu 9/2 the lists of strong acids and strong bases, strong and weak electrolytes (acids/bases), percent ionization, the mass action expression, the reaction quotient (Q), the equilibrium constant (K), specifically Ka and Kb, solving for pH of percent ionization problems

chembook 6.3-6.4, 6.5, 6.9

Tue 9/7 Kw, pH, pOH, pK, pX, acid/base neutralizations, calculations, titration intro

chembook 6.5-6.8

Thu 9/9 big picture of acid/base theory and the reactions

chembook 6 (all)

Tue 9/14 More on titrations and the specifics of how they are performed, acid/base indicators

chembook 6.7-6.8

Thu 9/16 the water that is around us each day, nature's water and some of the problems facing society

chembook 6.11

Tue 9/21 Exam 1

gchem Chapter 6

Thu 9/23 intro to electrochemistry, eChem definitions, assigning oxidation numbers, into to balancing redox reactions

chembook 7.1-7.3

Tue 9/28 more on balancing redox reactions, identifying the oxidizing agent and reducing agents, voltaic vs electrolytic cells, anode vs cathode, calculating \(E^\circ\)

chembook 7.1-7.3

Thu 9/30 electrochemical cell shorthand notation, active metals vs inert metals, inert metal electrodes, S.H.E., standard potentials, using a std potential table

chembook 7.4

Tue 10/5 tweaking the std potential, how concentration effects the potential (Nernst equation), counting coulombs, electric current, the faraday constant, electroplating

chembook 7.6-7.7

Thu 10/7 follow up on electrolytic cells and counting coulombs, intro to batteries, battery types

chembook 7.7-7.8

Tue 10/12 more on batteries, battery facts / trivia

chembook 7.9-7.10

Thu 10/14 Exam 2

chembook Chapter 7

Tue 10/19 intro to organic chemistry, alkanes and their nomenclature, review of line/dot structures, functional groups

chembook 8

Thu 10/21 more on functional groups, different types of carbons in structures, amine types, heterolytic vs homolytic cleavage, organic reaction types

chembook 8

Tue 10/26 more on reaction types, intro to polymers, the Big 6 plastics, LDPE vs HDPE

chembook 8

Thu 10/28 other plastics, addition mechanism vs condensation mechanism, examples with plastics/polymers

chembook 8

Tue 11/2 nature's polymers

chembook 8

Thu 11/4 Exam 3

chembook Chapter 8

Tue 11/9

chembook 9

Thu 11/11

chembook 9

Tue 11/16

chembook 9

Thu 11/18

chembook 9

Tue 11/23

(no class)

Thu 11/25

(no class)

Tue 11/30

chembook 9

Thu 12/2 Exam 4

chembook Chapter 9