CH302N F21

Exam Protocol

All Exams

All four of our regular exams this semester will be given during classtime (2:00pm - 3:15pm) in WEL 1.308. The following information is for ALL our exams - including the final exam except it will be in another room and at a different time. If any differences in protocol come up we will specify them on the Exam Review page.

WE provide

  • the Exam
    • cover page with periodic table and all necessary conversion factors and constants
    • actual printed exam with 20 to 25 multiple choice questions
  • an answer sheet - aka: bubblesheet
  • NEW: we will use an ONLINE "virtual" bubblesheet
  • scratch paper if needed

The cover page with the periodic table will be very similar to the one available in the appendix of the ChemBook website which has a PDF of the Periodic Table + Constants and Conversion Factors.

YOU provide

  • UT ID Card / picture ID
  • pencils / pens whatever rocks your boat
  • scanner only reads pencil - no ink! no scanner
  • bring a non-programmable, non-graphing, scientific calculator
  • a wifi-enabled device to enter your answers*
  • we provide the rest

* device only comes out when exam is complete

DO NOT have any of these items out during the exam...

  • graphing calculator
  • any type of programmable calculator
  • electronic devices - phones, earbuds, etc...
  • smart watches - put away that smart watch!

Exam Coverage

Each exam will cover the topics that were presented in the book, in class, and on the homework. Learning outcomes for each chapter are provided for every chapter in chembook. A comprehensive understanding of the topics along with the calculations and concepts for each chapter will be necessary in order to make high scores on the exams. Although there is a lot of common knowledge in the chapters, most students will need to study intensely for each exam. Most students cannot do well on the exams if they never study nor do all the homework.

Exam Questions

Each exam will have 20 to 25 multiple choice questions unless told otherwise. This means that each question is worth 4 to 5 points. We might occasionally decide to push that ±1 point for a few questions - meaning 3 and 5 points for a handful of questions. The point values (if not all equal) are included with all questions so you'll see the points.

When you Finish Your Exam

Get your picture ID out (UT ID is best and preferred - you CAN use the UT Virtual ID Card*) and show it to a proctor, TA, or Dr. McCord to turn in your exam. Before you turn in your exam you will need to enter your answers into the virtual bubblesheet. Make sure you get your information correct, especially the UTEID and version number of your exam.

* The virtual ID card that shows is very fleeting. It will "disappear" if you touch your screen or click. Best to only bring it "up" when it is time to show it.