Course is now OVER

All letter grades have been turned into the registrar. You will eventually find your grades via UTDirect.

Your Final Course Grade: All grading and scoring considerations were done for the entire class - both sections. All students were treated fairly and equally. You do not get a higher grade based on your need - your grade is based on your scores as explained in the syllabus. Those within a few tenths of a point were considered and many were allowed the higher grade. Those beyond a few tenths generally kept the grade that their score indicated (no surprises). Those who want to see their final exam will have to schedule an appointment with me (Dr. McCord) next semester. Come see me once the semester gets underway (first class day is January 20th).

Happy Holidays!

Enjoyed having you as students this semester - both good classes. Everyone have a nice winter break. Stay safe. Don't break the 2nd Law (as though you could). See you next semester!

Exam Schedule

From 7-9pm on the dates listed

  • Exam 1 Thu 9/18
  • Exam 2 Thu 10/9
  • Exam 3 Thu 11/6
  • Exam 4 Thu 12/4

Final Exams (YOUR Schedule )

10am Class: Sat, 12/13 2-5pm
in WEL 1.308 & WEL 2.246

11am Class: Thu, 12/11, 9-12n
in WEL 1.308 & WEL 2.122

if you do have to email us then

Make SURE Your email has...

  1. Your name - first and last
  2. Your uteid
  3. Which Section (class) you are in
  4. Your inquiry - with details