Final Letter Grades

Final letter grades can ALL be found at the Registrars site. They have been turned in for all classes now.

All the Final grades in the course were determined based on the grading scheme posted in the syllabus. There is no opportunity for other "extra credit".

Many people have emailed wanting to discuss their final grade and/or asked for a bump up in grade. ALL student's grades are based solely on their performance in the course on the homework, learning modules, iclicker, exams and final. Your overall score is calculated as stated in the syllabus as posted on the first day of class. The only issue is whether or not we have your scores correctly recorded (is there a mistake? - although the statute of limitations is running out on that pretty fast).

NO student's score was based whatsoever on any email set to us. In fairness to ALL students, ALL scores were based on grades and not need of said grade. Please keep that in mind.

So you want to SEE your Final Exam and go over it?

As you have probably already figured out, we do not release the pdf copy of the final exam on Quest. You are only able to see your score. Beginning next semester you can arrange to meet with a TA or Dr. McCord to see your copy of your exam and view which questions you missed. This will have to be done during one of our office hours that will begin in the Spring semester. You will only be allowed to sit and view the results. You will NOT be given your copy of the exam.

So if this is something you want to do, please check back HERE on this page for more instructions on how to do this beginning January 13th 2014 (the first day of classes).

if you do have to email us then

Make SURE Your email has...

  1. Your name - first and last
  2. Your uteid
  3. Which Section (class) you are in
  4. Your inquiry - with details

Please: no big-ass attachments

Exam Schedule

All regular Exams are on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM. Classroom assignments will be on Quest a few days before the exam. There will be assigned seating. Please follow the exam "protocol" that we announce the week prior to the exam. Make SURE you have these on your calendar - there are NO MAKE-UP exams ever.

  • Exam 1 Tue 9/17
  • Exam 2 Tue 10/8
  • Exam 3 Tue 11/5
  • Exam 4 Tue 12/3

Final Exam

NOTE: ALL students must take final exam at the University sanctioned time given below for each class section. Plus, you can only go to the Final Exam for the section that you are registered in.

  • #52115 Tue 12/17 9-12n
  • #52120 Sat 12/14 9-12n
  • #52125 Thu 12/12 9-12n