Dr. Vanden Bout and myself (Dr. McCord) have discussed the results of the final exams. We have considered the difficulty level and the class averages and standard deviations. We both feel that we are being generous. Dr. Vanden Bout's final exam will had a 3 point curve tacked on while Dr. McCord's exam had a 9 point curve tacked on. Please READ the grading page - the curves are percentage point add ons for your overall percentage score on the final exam.

Vanden Bout Final Exam Correction: There was a question on Vanden Bout's final that asked about the heat capacity of a gas. The problem listed the same choice (3R) twice. For some variants this answer was wrong, but for some it was correct. This problem was killed and all students were given full credit.


We have also come up with new grade breaks - also generous. The new breaks are listed on the "Grading" page. You must equal or clear the break to get the letter grade posted. Many students will be close but will NOT get the higher grade. This is a fact of having a large class - there are students at almost every 1/10th of a point. Once these grade break lines are drawn (which they have), we stick by them adamantly and do not move you up to a higher grade simply because you ask us to.

ALL LETTER Grades have been Submitted to the Registrar

You can check your grades via the Registrar's Web Site:

The HWS does NOT Calculate your GRADE!!

Remember, the HWS does not calculate your grade. We retrieve your scores from the HWS and then calculate according to the syllabus - see the "Grading" link in the above menu. NO, the HWS doesn't know which grade to drop - so don't email us and tell us about this. No, the HWS doesn't know anything about curves. The only average on the HWS that is probably right is the homework average and the quiz average.

Course is Officially Over

Grades are in

Have a GREAT break! and for many, see you next semester for CH302!

Same Textbook for CH302

Yes, we will use the same textbook for CH302 in the Spring. The Chapters covered will be...

Chapters 17, 6, 7, 8, 11, 15