Learning Outcomes for Chapter 1

To master the material in this chapter, a student needs to know...

  1. how to mathematically convert from one type of unit to another utilizing a set of conversion factors
  2. the names, formulas, and physical state of the first 10 alkanes
  3. which elements exist as diatomic molecules
  4. the MAIN Metric Prefixes for Chemistry Class as listed in section 1.6 of chembook
  5. how to fully balance a chemical reaction and identify the coefficients
  6. how to do composition stoichiometry calculations - figuring out the percent of a specific element in a given compound
  7. how to do reaction stoichiometry calculations converting moles to moles and also moles to grams and grams to grams or anything else
  8. how to predict product amounts when given arbitrary amounts of reactants - limiting reactant problems (like #20 on HW01)

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