mccord ch302

spring 2018


Albert's Review Today

This is a notification that Albert is having a review today (Friday 1/19) from 2-3pm in FAC 21. He is specifically going to review some important CH301 topics that all students should remember going into CH302 - specifically some thermodynamics and the idea of spontaneity. Also covered will be IMFs, properties of liquids, and a refresher on how to draw molecules.

So not for everyone, but some of you have told me of concerns about what you do and don't know. This session might help out a bit.

- Dr. McCord

update 5:52pm

Sapling HW01 all fixed

So the general crappiness of #4 has been dealt with. The question was completely replaced with a good ol' multiple choice version of the question - no glitchy-ness or anything. Easy breezy. All of HW01 should be good to go now. At least until another issue is pointed out.


Be REEF Ready!

Please DO come "Reef Ready". Download the app and sign into your Reef account - search for my class which will be "McCord CH302 S18" and the unique number for your section of the course (9:30am = 49770, 11:00am = 49785). You can sync with canvas anytime after that - just get yourself ready to answer questions with Reef (aka: iclicker reef).







Did I Buy the 1-Year or 6-Month Subscription Last Year? Find out how to know HERE.

Here we go again. Most everything is working here. Some things are still being finalized - like office hours and reviews.

YES! We WILL be using Reef and Sapling again for the spring semester. If you purchased a year subscription last semester, then you are good to go with no further purchasing. However, if you bought the 6 month subscriptions, you will need to purchase another 6 months for the spring.

ONE MORE THING! You can ONLY sign up for the Sapling course through the Canvas assignment. That assignment is clearly shown on our Canvas page. OR... here is a direct link to the Sapling Sync assignment on canvas.

- Dr. McCord