Katherine's Exam 4 Review Friday 5-7 in UTC 2.102A


HW13 is due by 10am on Monday, 4/28

HW13 Electrochemistry II

Available Now on Sapling. Our LAST official homework for the semester (as far as I know right now).

#19 and #20 to be KILLED / REMOVED

There are numerous problems with these two questions on Sapling. First, Sapling rounds off to 1 sig fig for the values of K which is really quite wrong. The last part of #20 is just calculated wrong on Sapling. The H+ concentration on that question does not change - at least on my version. I have asked the Sapling TA to remove or grant full credit on these 2 problems. You should know HOW to do these types of problems but you should be scored/graded correctly as well. I have no confidence in the "key" for those two problems. - dr mccord

#15 I explained how to do this problem in class on Wednesday (4/23). - dr mccord

TRIFORCE of Chemistry

use it for good

TUESDAY at NOON at the J2

Dr. Vanden Bout and Dr. McCord will at the J2 for lunch TUESDAY at 12 o'clock!. What ever shall we be talking about this week? Not sure - we'll think of something.


It's CIS Time again!

Well it is time to PLEASE login to UTDirect and do the Course Instructor Surveys. It is so helpful to us when you do this. I "beg" for this every semester and manage only 55% participation. Please help me get that percentage up into the 90's. You don't even have to type out a "comment" just click through the ratings and submit. Of course, comments are always welcome and sometimes we change things based on good suggestions. - Dr. McCord


@mccord302 now ACTIVE on Twitter

@mccord302 I have renewed my class twitter feed for this class (CH302). You can see the feed at the top of the right column here on this site now. I will plan on posting various things to the feed. Somethings might be chemistry and useful while some could just be silly. I make no promises on how it will play out. Follow me and see what happens. I will certainly TRY to tweet on a regular basis if possible.

Here is a "clean" Standard Potential Table that matches Sapling's.


LM36 and LM37 are coming out LATER TODAY

  • LM36 - Free Energy: due Wed at 10am
  • LM37 - Nonstandard Cell Potentials: due Fri at 10am


iClicker Scores UPDATED

Title says it all. Your iclicker score on Canvas now shows your percent score through Monday, 4/7/2014. Remember there are no drops so far - they will come on the next (and last) update on Thursday 5/1.

If you want the KEY to Exam 4, Do this...

Click and then download the following simple text file: tiny.txt (you could also just make your own using TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (PC). Then rename the file replacing "tiny" with a reasonable name like ex4key.pdf (shorter is better than longer and no spaces). Also! : it is BEST to have a different name for each of the exams for your "pdf" file. Glitchy behavior occurs on Canvas when you name all your uploads the same thing. Remember to change the extension from 'txt' to 'pdf'. Canvas needs to think it is a pdf file.

NEW RULE: I will ignore any file bigger than 1 kB. I might even ignore anything over 20 bytes. The "tiny.txt" file here is 2 bytes.

LOGIN to Canvas and upload this tiny file to the assignment named "Exam4 KEY". After that we will be able to download your "pdf document" and names and then upload a pdf file with the KEY to your exam. This is really not that difficult. I know you can do it. - Dr. McCord

Of course the KEY will NOT be available until AFTER we grade the exam.

Thanks to student Jacob Byerly for showing me that Oil Rigs can indeed be "cute". Here is my color version of his sketch he provided on the Facebook group page.
- dr mccord

if you do have to email us then

Make SURE Your email has...

  1. Your name - first and last
  2. Your uteid
  3. Which Section (class) you are in
  4. Your inquiry - with details

Exam Schedule

All regular Exams are on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM on the dates given below. Classroom assignments will be given to you either here or on Canvas a few days before the exam. There will be assigned seating. Please follow the exam "protocol" that we announce the week prior to the exam. Make SURE you have these on your calendar - there are NO MAKE-UP exams ever.

  • Exam 1 Tue 2/4
  • Exam 2 Tue 3/4
  • Exam 3 Tue 4/8
  • Exam 4 Tue 4/29

Final Exam

NOTE: ALL students must take final exam at the University sanctioned time given below for each class section. Plus, you can only go to the Final Exam for the section that you are registered in.

  • #51785 (11am class)
    Wed 5/7 7-10pm · UTC 2.112A
  • #51800 (10am class)
    Tue 5/13 9-12n · WEL 1.308

Check your own schedule HERE.