10 AM Class Letter Grades are IN

All letter grades have been determined and turned into the registrar's office. Your letter grade is available via UTDirect. I stuck to the cut-offs that are on the grading page here. You had to be equal to or greater than the cut-off to get the grade. This was made clear on the first day of class and in the syllabus. Also realize that the average for the final on Quest is about 4 points low due to the fact that 37 A-students didn't take the final exam, thus the adjusted average was 66, which is why the curve was set at +3. - Dr. McCord

9 AM Class Letter Grades are IN

Your letter grades have been turned into the registrar. Remember that the final exam, after weighing in all factors, ended up with a curve of +7. Please note that this is considerably higher than the curve for the 10 am class. The exams WERE different and the curve balances out those differences. This class also consistantly underperformed the 10am class on exams by about 4 points on average. This also weighed in on the curve. The grade breaks remain the same for both classes. - Dr. McCord

Any Mistakes Found at this point must go to Dr. McCord

If there are any blatant mistakes in your grade you must contact me via email and explain. Begging for a bump up in grade is not the same as finding a mistake. All students in both classes were treated equally and fairly. Good luck with your future classes. - Dr. McCord

Quest ACCESS for Spring 2009 Classes ENDS 5/31/09

Once June 1st arrives, you will no longer have access to this course on Quest. June 1st is the rollover date for Quest to switch to Summer '09 courses.

Exam Dates
all are 7-9 PM

Exam 1 Tue, 2/10
Exam 2 Tue, 3/10
Exam 3 Tue, 4/7
Exam 4 Thu, 5/7

Final 52400 (9am-class)
Tue, 5/19 9-12n in UTC 2.102A

Final 52405 (10am-class)
Thu, 5/14 2-5pm in WEL 2.224


Weekly Reviews

Rachel:   Mon 6-7 PM - WEL 2.246
Gayle:   Sun 4-5 PM - WEL 2.224

Good Luck on Your FINALS!